About Federal Signal

Advancing Security and Well-Being for Communities and Workplaces Around the World

When it comes to safety, security and effective communications for the most hazardous environments, the most demanding applications, Federal Signal stands out as your best source for total industrial solutions.

Greater product selection ... more design options

The Federal Signal product line is universally recognized as both the broadest and deepest in the industry. Audible and visual signaling. Outdoor warning. Intercoms. Public address. Telephony. Initiating systems. Fire alarms. Uninterruptible power supplies. And more. In terms of comprehensive product coverage, no one beats Federal Signal. They don't even come close.

Starting with the most basic audible and visual warning devices, the Federal Signal product line continues all the way up to the most sophisticated plant-wide communication and warning systems. Regardless of the application, the goal is always the same: deliver precisely the right product or system for each and every customer's needs.

A solution that doesn't include the full measure of technical support, is only a partial solution

Federal Signal brings decades of specialized industry and application experience to the table. From large industrial manufacturing and processing complexes, to offshore drilling operations and municipal facilities, Federal Signal has a reputation for coming up with the solution - the total solution.

Federal Signal's ability to deliver comprehensive technical support covers the entire spectrum of audible and visual signaling, including process control, plant safety, inter-plant communications, security and emergency evacuation. Before the sale as well as after, Federal Signal is committed to backing up its products ... and its customers.

Bringing quality and performance to the marketplace for more than a century

From getting through the workday safely, to keeping informed of the status of a vast array of operations, production equipment and potentially hazardous conditions, millions of people around the globe depend on the quality and performance of Federal Signal products every day.

Founded in 1901, today Federal Signal is the world's largest prime manufacturer of audible and visual signaling. Consistent product quality has been a company hallmark from the very beginning. Today, ISO 9001-2008 Certification reinforces a long-standing dedication to manufacturing integrity, as well as conformance with customers' most stringent demands for product quality, reliability and performance.

A product line that consistently meets with everyone's approval

Federal Signal products meet or exceed the uncompromising standards of Underwriter Laboratories (UL), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the European Community (CE). And that's just the beginning. In test after test conducted by independent lab, Federal Signal products have demonstrated dependability on the job as well as compliance with the most stringent standards and specifications.

A network of dedicated distributors gives new meaning to the term "added value"

By taking the time to ensure that the right products are specified for every application, Federal Signal distributors play a vital role in the organization's continued success. Whether they're guiding customers in the selection of communication products for a new or existing facility, or working with OEMs to select exactly the right product for their equipment or system, Federal Signal distributors make a point to be part of the solution.

Supporting distributors in the field is Federal Signal's renowned team of technical experts. Working hand in hand with distributors around the globe, Federal Signal engineers and technicians are actively involved in new product research and development, while remaining poised to supply a full complement of custom engineering services to customers with unique and challenging application requirements.

The Integrated Systems Group: Providing custom-engineered solutions for communications, life safety and security

From plant-wide communication strategies to fail-safe systems for personnel safety, security, outdoor warning and evacuation, Federal Signal's Integrated Systems Group (ISG) has both the resources and technical know-how to provide custom-engineered solutions for customers' most demanding specifications.

The group's expertise covers a broad scope of product areas, including: public address/general alarm systems, industrial intercom and paging systems, audible/visual signaling, telephony and uninterruptible power sources. In offshore drilling, marine, industrial production and municipal facilities, ISG team is the "go-to" source for specialized expertise and custom-engineering capabilities in hazardous location, telecommunications, fiber optics and radio-communication networks.

Making sure that your signaling works harder, smarter and safer than ever before

The industry's broadest product line backed up by comprehensive technical support and a dedicated distributor network. A solid record of product innovation and dependable performance in the toughest industrial environments. And a wealth of experience that covers virtually every industry and application you can think of. That's Federal Signal ... the total solution.

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