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Electromechanical horns, sirens and other sounders have been integral fixtures in and around commercial and industrial facilities for decades.

Despite the recent integration of social media and cellular communications in emergency warning systems, outdoor sirens continue to remain an integral component of any overall emergency warning and pulic alerting strategy. 

Some of the greatest tragedies in emergency response happed due to the inability to relay warnings to key personnel.

When integrating public address with other emergency evacuation systems, one of the biggest concers centers on the selection and effcient positioning of speakers.

Developing Effective Strategies to Address the Two-tiered Challenge of Today?s Multi-layered Communications and Diverse Human Factors.

"Planning and Developing Effective Emergency Mass Notification Strategies for Hazardous Industrial Applications in the Post 9/11 Era" white paper surveys ongoing developments in emergency mass notification for industrial operations that process, use, store and distribute hazardous materials such

The Integrated Command Solution (ICS) ties directly into the Federal Signal Industry Platform, providing an effective bridge between disparate systems.

Municipalities, governments, work places, and school campuses are quickly realizing the importance of having citizen alerting systems. When emergencies ensue, it is of paramount importance that people can be alerted quickly of the situation and given instructions and updates.

This article presents three considerations for designing an effective employee alarm system in an industrial environment.

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