The extended version of the StreamLine Modular Series Video is an in-depth look into the entire functionality of the product line. Traci Barron, product manager, will take you on journey through Federal Signal's new line of Streamline® Modular products...

Replacing our traditional Model 450, the NEW! Model 450E electronic horn offers a patent pending electronics design that produces a very loud, clear and distinctive electronic tone. Watch as Scott Cassidy,director of engineering, showcases the 450E's features in benefits.

When you have a range of products that can be mixed and matched with each other offering a multitude of solutions... When you have a range of devices that can perform multiple functions...

Once recognized as the oldest system in Minnesota, the City of St. Paul has completely overhauled its outdoor emergency warning and mass notification system to reflect one with technologically advanced capabilities.

Can you see the area the sound will cover? Can they hear the sirens? Do you know where they should be placed? Are you maximizing the siren coverage area?  Let Federal Signal's Steve Olson show you how we can help improve performance and cost-effectiveness of your warning system.

The alerting and notification system that lets you connect with everyone. Any place. Any time. On any device. SmartMsg is an advanced suite of applications specifically developed to promote secure, reliable, cost-effective communication solutions for:

Can you hear it? What about room properties? are you filling a sound power correctly. These are all questions that we can answer with a thorough Acoustic Design when you work with a Federal Signal engineer to design a solution. 

What's PAGASYS?  It's Federal Signal's Public Address General Alarm System that is  ideally suited for offshore platforms, land-based petrochemical plants, military, and applications requiring the highest degree of reliability and functionality.

Federal Signal solves tough problems for customers.


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