2013 Annual Public Safety Survey: Assessing the Challenges of the Emergency Manager

Behind the Scene on Federal Signal's Public Safety Surveys

Last year we learned that when it comes to emergency preparedness, complacency among the general public is at an extremely concerning level.  After three consecutive years of surveying consumers about topics such as their emergency behaviors and communications preferences, we decided to present an entirely new perspective this year. The Federal Signal 2013 Public Safety Survey goes straight to the most knowledgeable sources, asking emergency managers across the U.S. about the complexity of the issues that they face and the actions they are taking to find effective solutions.  

This year’s survey release comes on the heels of the annual National Emergency Preparedness Month in September, which included tragedies in Yosemite National Park and Aurora, Colorado, among others. These were sobering reminders of emergency managers’ crucial role in ensuring the most advanced and complete approaches to emergency communications planning.

What we found is that most emergency managers are getting it right. Our survey results show that not only are emergency managers using layered communication strategies, they also are leveraging new ways to expand their reach and recognize changing communication preferences. We also saw that there is room to grow even further as new technologies emerge and preferences become increasingly fragmented among different generations and community needs.

Federal Signal remains committed to supporting emergency managers by providing them with the tools they need to overcome wide ranging human factors and drive a sense of urgency among community members. By providing key insights into the challenges emergency managers face each day, the survey gives us the opportunity to respond directly as a company to the needs of our community — emergency managers nationwide.

About the Survey

For the fourth consecutive year, Federal Signal Corporation has released its annual Public Safety Survey. This year’s national survey takes a new angle, looking directly at the challenges that emergency mangers face. Traditionally surveying the general public on emergency preparedness, the 2013 survey has shifted the conversation to ask emergency mangers about their most significant challenges and how they are addressing them. Federal Signal once again called upon the expertise of research firm Zogby Analytics to provide valuable insight on challenges faced by emergency managers. The survey uncovers the steps emergency managers are taking to promote emergency preparation and awareness, and the tools they are using to communicate with community members.

The online nationwide survey of 200 emergency management decision makers was conducted from August 1 to August 2, 2013. A sampling of Zogby Analytics’ online panel, which is representative of the emergency manager population of the U.S., was invited to participate.